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A First-Hand Look at Florida’s Most Diverse Estuary

An EcoTour of the Indian River Lagoon.

One of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the Northern Hemisphere is Florida’s very own Indian River Lagoon. We sure are lucky to have this beautiful estuary system in our backyard! So, jump on one of our EcoTours to witness what all the hype is about. An EcoTour isn’t just any old boat tour. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that puts you and your group up close and personal with the over 4,000 plants and wildlife that call this place home. Join us for a Florida River Boat Tour you won’t forget!

What is an Estuary System Anyway?

An estuary is a partially closed body of water near the coast where fresh and saltwater meet to create what is called brackish water (the more you know, right?). A more straightforward definition of an estuary would be where the ocean, land, and rivers meet.

You'll see many different birds when visiting an estuary system.

We know, we should’ve started with that definition…

The lagoon is protected by the barrier islands along the Space Coast and the mainland of Florida. This makes the lagoon a perfect sanctuary for animal life looking to eat, reproduce or find safety. Estuary systems are some of the most productive ecosystems in the world. 



Wildlife of the Indian River Lagoon Estuary System

With over 4,000 different species of plants and wildlife, every trip to this biologically diverse estuary system is unique. No matter how many times you’ve been on a boat tour with us, you’ll never experience the same thing twice.An EcoTour of the Indian River Lagoon.

If you or a member of your party is worried about the depth of the lagoon, there is no need to fear! The lagoon’s average depth is about four feet deep. Since the water is typically shallow, you can see the diverse fish swimming beneath the surface of the water or find yourself admiring the majesty of a kingfisher as it sits on a nearby tree branch.

You might even catch a glimpse of a sea turtle searching for food or protection in the seagrass! There is so much for you to see along the Indian River Lagoon while onboard an EcoTour. This season we’re seeing many Eagle Rays breaching the surface, American Alligators lounging in the sun, and even the world’s oldest dinosaur, the Horseshoe Crab, on many of our tours. Don’t worry, though! We’ll keep you and your party completely safe during the tour.

A boat tour of the Indian River Lagoon.

If you’re a bird enthusiast, jump aboard one of our tours of the lagoon with your binoculars! You or a member of your party might spot a Roseate Spoonbill gliding through the air near the surface of the Indian River Lagoon or one of the many other species of birds living here. 

As we cruise the southernmost point of the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, we’ve been lucky enough to spot a mating pair of Bald Eagles sitting on their nest as West Indies Manatees roam in the river below. Every tour is unique so keep your eyes peeled and soak in all there is to see in our wonderfully spectacular Indian River Lagoon.


EcoTours of the Indian River Lagoon

Bring your camera to our Florida River Boat Tour and capture all the exciting and unique wildlife and plant life of this amazingly diverse area of Florida’s east coast. We’d love it if you shared your “fishies” (fish selfies) with us after the boat tour is over!

There is nothing better than taking time to relax aboard one of our EcoTours! Our Florida River Boat Tour in Merritt Island, FL, and around the Cape Canaveral area are the best around the East Coast. Contact us today to learn more about our variety of trip types. Don’t hesitate to book an EcoTour!

We look forward to making this an experience to Florida’s very own estuary system, one you will never forget. Contact us today to schedule a tour along the Indian River Lagoon. We can accommodate up to 6 individuals on each boat tour. Additionally, we now offer private tours. What’s the hold-up? Join one of our boat tours today to experience the majestic beauty of the Indian River Lagoon in Florida!

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