Are you in the Space Coast area and looking for an amazing getaway for the day on the Banana River? Banana River Boat Tours has amazing Boat Tours in Cocoa Beach Florida to meet your needs!

Join us on our Cocktail Cruise where for two hours, you can tour the Banana River and see what “island life” is really about. Enjoy music as you cruise, drink, sightsee, and relax in one of the most beautiful estuaries in North America.

We also have our Rocket Launch Tour which is an exciting experience on its own! From hearing the engines firing up to feeling the rumbling grow until the water and boat begin to tremble, you get to watch as the lift-off occurs. Join us for an upcoming rocket launch. We depart from The Island Time Marina. This is where you can pick up sandwiches and drinks to bring along on your tour. Feel the excitement of those around you. See and hear the engines fire up. Feel the rumbling grow until the water and boat begin to tremble. Watch as lift-off occurs. Follow the bright orange in the sky. You’ll be so close that on clear days, you can see the explosive charge as the boosters fall away. If you’re lucky enough to join our crew when they are landing the boosters back on land, you’ll see the booster thrusters fire as it nears the landing platform. Once it’s down, the sonic boom is ground, or in our case, water shaking.

Our Sunset Boat Cruise is a nice and relaxing 2-hour adventure as you soak in the spectacular views of barrier islands and uninhabited spoil islands as you watch the sun drop closer to the horizon. The sights of the 4,000 plus animals and plants that inhabit the Indian River Lagoon such as manatees, dolphins, and majestic birds welcoming you to their home is a joyous sight in itself. Begin your long evening with a relaxing, enjoyable two-hour Sunset Boat Cruise  in Cocoa Beach, on the Banana River. Once aboard The Nana, sit back, relax and soak in the spectacular views of barrier islands and uninhabited spoil islands while watching the sun dip closer to the horizon. Our knowledgeable crew will point out local points of interest along the way. You’ll also be treated to sights and sounds of some of the 4,000 plus animals and plants that call the Indian River Lagoon home. While cruising the waters, dolphins, manatees along with majestic birds will welcome you along the tour. As dusk falls, you and your crew will be treated to breathtaking colors of golden yellows, oranges, and reds with hints of purple. When clouds roll in, the beauty is intensified as the unusual cloud shapes are washed in the colorful hues of the Florida sunset.

Join us as we explore the Indian River Lagoon, one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the Northern Hemisphere during our ECO Tours. We go way more in-depth and meet the creatures of the Lagoon such as Bottle-Nosed Dolphins, West Indies Manatees, Moon Jellyfish, even the Horseshoe Crab, and many more! The view of watching an Osprey dive into the ocean for fish or watching the Bald Eagles nesting alongside the trail will be a sight that you will remember for a long time to come! The shorelines are another area to keep an eye out for as the sight of the bobcats, panthers, wild boars, and other local land wildlife will be quite an amazing experience. This is the tour you NEED to bring your camera with you to document.

Last but certainly not least is our Fishing Tours! Our crew will guide you to the best fishing tour spots in the river. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time fisher or a seasoned pro, the abundance of marine life increase your chances of catching a fish or at least enjoy trying! We show you the ropes on how to cast, bait your hooks, and even remove your fish from the hook. Experimenting with new skills or techniques while casting the line with experienced professionals by your side every step of the way will guarantee your success! The best part? No fishing license required while you’re on the boat with us as ours covers the whole boat of guests. Even for the reserved, there is an opportunity to kick back and relax while watching your friends and family fish and enjoying the scenery of the Indian River Lagoon.

Now that you know a little more about the tours we offer here at Banana River Boat Tours, you have some great options to choose from. We know this might be a tough decision at first, but remember you don’t have to do everything all at once! Try each tour once at a time and give us feedback on whichever one was your most favorite!

All Boat Tours in Cocoa Beach Florida leave from The Island Time Marina and Restaurant so be sure to get there early before your trip and get a bite to eat or a drink to calm the nerves on the sea.

We aim to make sure that you are able to relax and put that exhausting work week behind you while experiencing unforgettable views and the cooling river breezes around you.

Contact Captain CJ or Jayne Enneking or give us a call today to book your Boat Tours in Cocoa Beach Florida and experience the enjoyment and vastness of our local Indian River Lagoon!