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“Captain CJ’s Exclusive Meet and Greet: Set Sail on an Extraordinary Adventure with Banana River Boat Tours!”

Hey Everybody, welcome aboard The Lola. I am Captain CJ Enneking here at Banana River Boat Tours. We’re at beautiful Kelly Park, here in Merritt Island, FL. This is the boat basin and out there is the beautiful area known as The Banana River and The Indian River Lagoon Estuary System. It’s a very dynamic estuary system. The second largest estuary system in The United States. We’re home to over 4,200 species of plants, animals, and fish. It’s such a cool, little, diverse area. 


Right over there we have a Great Blue Heron on the dock. We just had a dolphin swim through the boat basin. So, when we say, “You never know what you’re going to see on our two hour tour”, you really never know what you’re gonna see on our two hour tour. There he is over there stalking fish, up on the dock. There’s a Snowy White Egret flying through the background. This week we’ve had Roseate Spoonbills and they’re my favorite bird. He’s a pink, tinted bird. and a shoreline, wading bird. He goes along and scoops up little shrimp. A beautiful bird, absolutely pink with a little tint of purple if the sun hits his feathers just right. 


So, I spent many years in an operating room in the medical field in one form or another. I grew up on Lake Sante Fe up near Gainesville, FL. I’ve always kind of wanted to be on the water and a serious car accident led me to get my captain's license out of pure boredom. And here we are 7 years later. We have 2 boats at the moment, getting ready to add a third one to the fleet. Come join us.

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