Banana River Boat Tours is owned and operated by Captain “CJ” Enneking and his wife, Jayne. Captain CJ is a true native Floridian. He grew up motor boating, sailing, and water skiing outside of Gainesville on Lake Santa Fe. It was always his dream of working on the water and now does so in Cocoa Beach.

Captain CJ’s love of the water was instilled in him by his parents. That is evident in the name of the boats, The Opa and The Nana. His father was a great fisherman and even greater storyteller. Thus, the fishing boat became The Opa, aboard which you will catch great fish and learn to tell even greater fishing tales. The Nana is a bit smaller and quicker, allowing you to cruise the lagoon in style and flash just like his mom.

As you can imagine, both Captain CJ and Jayne enjoy spending any spare moment they have on the water. During the summers or school holidays, you may be lucky enough to have Jayne, a teacher, as your mate on a fishing tour. On their days off, they stick close to home. You will likely find them camping, fishing, kayaking, canal cruising, or island hopping with friends. When asked where they go on vacation, they responded, “We live in paradise; we don’t have to go anywhere.” Captain CJ has found his missing piece with Banana River Boat Tours. It would be his privilege to share his love of the water and his little piece of paradise with you– The perfect excursions for Cocoa Beach boat tours!

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