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Cocktail Cruises

Leave your worries on the dock, climb aboard our cocktail cruises and party “island style” with us.

Our crew will take you on a two-hour tour in the Banana River while you see what “island life” is really about. Enjoy music as you cruise, drink, sightsee, and ultimately relax in one of the most beautiful estuaries in North America.

Experience a Banana River cocktail cruise and drift away into the fading Floridian sun while slowly enjoying your preferred cocktails, adult beverages, and other appetizers. We aim to make sure that you are able to relax and put that exhausting work week behind you while experiencing unforgettable views. Raise your drink with other people on the cocktail cruise, make new friends, and wave to passing boats while the cooling river breezes surround you.

Feel free to bring your camera at your own risk. Remember what the locals say, “What happens on the island, stays on the island”. Cheers!


Why Go On Cocktail Cruises?

It’s 5 o’clock, on a Friday. You’ve just had the longest week ever. You’re finally off the clock and ready to get your weekend started. But what should you do? Call up your friends and family and book a cocktail cruise! It’s only fair that you find a way to relax after such a long week. The thrill and excitement of being taken away on a beautiful two-hour cruise while making new friends and enjoying a great drink is palpable.


Why would you spend another Friday night sitting in your backyard staring at the neighbor’s fence? Relax the right way. Book a cocktail cruise and enjoy the sound of the water, the sunset views, instead of watching the grass grow again. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to finally take a break and relax with the true “island life” experience.

Truly, there are only very few places in the world you may be able to relax while the cooling river breezes surrounds you and the others you enjoy your time with. Cape Canaveral FL is one of such places! At Banana Boat Tours, you benefit from being in the ideal location that seems to be made for relaxation purposes, while being on a boat having fun.  Enjoy the casual dolphin sightings, mullet jumping out of the water as the boat gets close, and the variety of native bird species diving into the water to get their meal as your cruise by.

Sit Back

One of the best parts about our cocktail cruises is that we are in charge of making sure you’re taken care of. Book our cruise and let us drive you around the water. Your only job is to have fun and decompress from your busy week. Be sure to bring any friends, family, or loved ones to a cocktail cruise with Banana River Boat Tours. We’ll ensure your safety while making sure that you are on the water and drinking your favorite cocktail. We also always guarantee that you and your loved ones will experience an unforgettable moment. Whether you simply wanted to experience something new or if this is something on your bucket-list, drifting away into the fading Floridian sun is the way to go!

Have Fun

Our cocktail cruises aren’t only for decompressing from a long work week. Book our cruise to drink and relax with your buddies during the weekend, or book one for the next girl’s day! If you’re looking for a relaxing time while being able to soak in the sun for a bachelorette party, do something out of the ordinary. Choose our cocktail cruise. Coming from out of town and want to relax but also experience the water, but have limited time? Take one of our cruises and kill two birds with one stone. Maybe you simply want to find something new to do with your friends. Bring your favorite drinks and check us out!

Make Friends

At Banana River Boat Tours, unless you bring your entire posse, there will be other passengers coming along for the ride. But don’t let that deter you! It’s a perfect opportunity to make new friends. Considering you all chose to book a cocktail cruise, you know that they have the same intentions as you. To relax and have fun. And so, you already have something in common! You never know who you might meet. You could meet a lifelong friend that you would’ve never bumped into otherwise. Let a Banana River Boat tour be your first memory together.


Don’t wait any longer. Whether you want to cruise and relax after a long week or want to experience something new with your friends, book our cocktail cruise!

* Wheel Chair Accessibility


Cancellation Policy

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Should you need to cancel your reservation or change the number of people in your party, please allow us at least 24 hours’ notice. If you book by phone, we will take your credit card number to hold your seats and confirm your reservation. If you cancel or change your group size within 24 hours of your scheduled tour time, or do not show up for your tour, you will be charged the full price for the tour. When purchasing in advance, we will gladly refund you as long as you cancel or make adjustments to your reservation at least 24 hours before your tour. In the event that we need to cancel your tour due to weather, you will not be charged.


About Banana River Boat Tours

Banana River Boat Tours is owned and operated by Captain “CJ” Enneking and his wife, Jayne. Captain CJ is a true native Floridian. Growing up motor boating, sailing, and water skiing on Lake Santa Fe, outside of Gainesville, he always dreamed of working on the water.

Captain CJ’s love of the water was instilled in him by his parents. That is evident in the name of the boats, The Opa and The Nana. His father was a great fisherman and even greater storyteller. Thus, the fishing boat became The Opa, aboard which you will catch great fish and learn to tell even greater fishing tales. The Nana is a bit smaller and a bit quicker allowing you to cruise the lagoon in style and flash just like his mom.

As you can imagine, both Captain CJ and Jayne enjoy spending any spare moment they have on the water. During the summers or school holidays, you may be lucky enough to have Jayne, a teacher, as your mate on a fishing tour. On their days off, they stick close to home and you will likely find them camping, fishing, kayaking, canal cruising or island hopping with friends. When asked where they go on vacation, they responded, “We live in paradise, we don’t have to go anywhere”. Captain CJ has found his missing piece with Banana River Boat Tours. It would be his privilege to share his love of the water and his little piece of paradise with you.