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Rocket Launch Viewing

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…we have liftoff. Don’t miss the next rocket launch viewing from the water. You’ll be onboard our pontoon boat, as close as you can get by water, to one of the most earth-shaking events you’ll ever witness.

Join us for an upcoming rocket launch. We depart from The Island Time Marina. This is where you can pick up sandwiches and drinks to bring along on your tour.

Feel the excitement of those around you. See and hear the engines fire up. Feel the rumbling grow until the water and boat begin to tremble. Watch as lift-off occurs. Follow the bright orange in the sky. You’ll be so close that on clear days, you can see the explosive charge as the boosters fall away.

If you’re lucky enough to join our crew when they are landing the boosters back on land, you’ll see the booster thrusters fire as it nears the landing platform. Once it’s down, the sonic boom is ground, or in our case, water shaking.

Why Go On a Rocket Launch Viewing?

The thrill and excitement of being so close as the rockets launch and boosters land to be used again and again is palpable. You won’t want to miss a rocket launch by boat. There are only very few places in the world you may be able to view a memorizing rocket launch. Cape Canaveral FL is one of such places! Be sure to bring any friends, family, or loved ones to a rocket launch viewing with Banana River Boat Tours. We’ll ensure your safety while making sure that you are as close as possible to the rocket launch, on the water. We also always guarantee that you and your loved ones will experience an unforgettable moment. Whether you simply wanted to experience something new or if this is something on your bucket-list, the rocket launch viewing experience is a great opportunity to see history in the making.

Since we love watching rocket launches too, we don’t mind super early morning launch tours or late-night rocket launch viewing tours. Captain CJ and his wife Jayne will be out there and we’d love for you to experience history in the making with us.

*Wheel Chair Accessibility

All tours depart from The Island Time Marina and Restaurant.

The Island Time Marina & Restaurant is under new management, offering new services, and undergoing significant renovations. The Island Time Marina & Restaurant also provides directions to reach its location if you’re traveling on the ICW:

Traveling North On The ICW

The Banana river route is picturesque. It saves a few hours of travel time compared to staying on the ICW to the Barge Canal.
Travel North on the ICW to marker #2 and immediately past the fixed SR 518 bridge (65′ vert clearance) you will see marker #1 to the right leading into the Banana River. Shortly you will see the Mathers Bridge, a 7′ swing bridge that opens on demand with limited operating hours. Contact the bridge tender on VHF channel 09. Proceed past the fixed SR 404 bridge (43′ vert clearance) where the river opens into a wide body with Patrick Air Force Base to the right. Bear slightly West of North to markers #11 and #12 approximately 5 miles ahead. Use the day markers to carefully navigate to green marker #27 shortly before the fixed SR 520 bridge (35′ vert clearance). Just prior to going under the bridge turn sharply to port and follow the private day markers East along the causeway, past a public launch ramp, to a point that requires you to turn to starboard past condominiums where you will turn sharply to port along the seawall to Island Time Marina.

Traveling South On The ICW

Travel South on the ICW from Titusville to markers 13 and 14 just prior to the fixed SR 528 bridge (65′ vert clearance) where you bear off to port and through the Barge Canal. The Barge Canal links the Indian River to the Banana River and through a lock into Port Canaveral. Once in the Banana River proceed to marker #5 and turn South under the SR 528 bridge and head three miles to red day marker #28 and the fixed SR 520 bridge (35′ vert clearance). Proceed under the bridge where you will immediately turn to port following the private day markers East along the causeway, past a public launch ramp, to a point that requires you to turn to starboard past condominiums where you will turn sharply to port along the seawall to Island Time Marina.


About Banana River Boat Tours

Banana River Boat Tours is owned and operated by Captain “CJ” Enneking and his wife, Jayne. Captain CJ is a true native Floridian. Growing up motor boating, sailing, and water skiing on Lake Santa Fe, outside of Gainesville, he always dreamed of working on the water.

Captain CJ’s love of the water was instilled in him by his parents. That is evident in the name of the boats, The Opa and The Nana. His father was a great fisherman and even greater storyteller. Thus, the fishing boat became The Opa, aboard which you will catch great fish and learn to tell even greater fishing tales. The Nana is a bit smaller and a bit quicker. This allows you to cruise the lagoon in style and flash just like his mom.

As you can imagine, both Captain CJ and Jayne enjoy spending any spare moment they have on the water. During the summers or school holidays, you may be lucky enough to have Jayne, a teacher, as your mate on a fishing tour. On their days off, they stick close to home and you will likely find them camping, fishing, kayaking, canal cruising or island hopping with friends. When asked where they go on vacation, they responded, “We live in paradise, we don’t have to go anywhere”. Captain CJ has found his missing piece with Banana River Boat Tours. It would be his privilege to share his love of the water and his little piece of paradise with you.