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Sunset Boat Cruise

Begin your long evening with a relaxing, enjoyable two-hour Sunset Boat Cruise in Cocoa Beach, on the Banana River. Once aboard The Nana, sit back, relax and soak in the spectacular views of barrier islands and uninhabited spoil islands while watching the sun dip closer to the horizon.

Why Choose A Sunset Boat Cruise?

If you’ve never been on a Sunset Boat Cruise. We have a treat for you. Our Sunset Boat Cruise is ideal for any person, no matter how young or seasoned. You will enjoy breathtaking views of the sun while being serenaded by the cool breeze surrounding you.

Spot Wildlife In Their Natural Environment

At Banana River Boat Tours, our knowledgeable crew will point out local points of interest along the way. You’ll also be treated to sights and sounds of some of the 4,000 plus animals and plants that call the Indian River Lagoon home. While cruising the waters, dolphins, manatees along with majestic birds will welcome you along the tour. Why would you pass up the possibility of a family of dolphins swimming next to you as you watch the mesmerizing sunset?

Intense Hues

As dusk falls, you and your crew will be treated to breathtaking colors of golden yellows, oranges, and reds with hints of purple. When clouds roll in, the beauty is intensified as the unusual cloud shapes are washed in the colorful hues of the Florida sunset. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones that have a great view of the sunset from your home, but even that doesn’t compare to watching the sunset on our boat cruise.

Sitting on your backyard, getting bit up by mosquitoes as you try and take in the view, just isn’t ideal to be able to fully marvel at the beauty. Let’s not mention the neighbor’s tree that has grown over to your property covering the whole left section of your backyard view. Being on the boat cruise, you are able to feel the cool breeze as it sweeps the mosquitoes away, hear the sounds the water makes as it hits the boat, and have a panoramic view of the sunset.

Relax On The Water

Experience a Banana River sunset boat cruise and drift away into the fading Floridian sun while slowly enjoying your preferred adult beverages and other appetizers. We aim to make sure that you are able to relax and put that exhausting work week behind you while experiencing unforgettable views and the cooling river breezes around you. Switch up your weekend routines. Bring your family and friends and make it an unforgettable experience. As you reminisce years from now after booking our Sunset Boat Cruise, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t take the plunge earlier.

Date Night

Not only is our Sunset Boat Cruise relaxing, but it can also be romantic. Bring your spouse or significant other and have an adventurous, yet romantic date. Due to the size of the boat, we can only accommodate six people. Therefore, the tour can have an intimate feel to it. As you watch the sunset, you and your loved one can enjoy beverages and appetizers in a rare setting. Let the surroundings engulf your senses and feel the love in the air. Leave the mundane at home and surprise your partner with a unique date!

Whether you’re looking for a new date idea, or just wanting to relax and watch the enthralling Florida sunset, a Sunset Boat Cruise is for you. Call us and reserve your next adventure today!

*Wheel Chair Accessibility


About Banana River Boat Tours

Banana River Boat Tours is owned and operated by Captain “CJ” Enneking and his wife, Jayne. Captain CJ is a true native Floridian. Growing up motor boating, sailing, and water skiing on Lake Santa Fe, outside of Gainesville, he always dreamed of working on the water.

Captain CJ’s love of the water was instilled in him by his parents. That is evident in the name of the boats, The Opa and The Nana. His father was a great fisherman and even greater storyteller. Thus, the fishing boat became The Opa, aboard which you will catch great fish and learn to tell even greater fishing tales. The Nana is a bit smaller and a bit quicker allowing you to cruise the lagoon in style and flash just like his mom.

As you can imagine, both Captain CJ and Jayne enjoy spending any spare moment they have on the water. During the summers or school holidays, you may be lucky enough to have Jayne, a teacher, as your mate on a fishing tour. On their days off, they stick close to home and you will likely find them camping, fishing, kayaking, canal cruising or island hopping with friends. When asked where they go on vacation, they responded, “We live in paradise, we don’t have to go anywhere”. Captain CJ has found his missing piece with Banana River Boat Tours. It would be his privilege to share his love of the water and his little piece of paradise with you.